September 27, 2016

Thursday, October 6th

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Deep Secrets with Lawrence Hass

 inspirations-cover-2-713x1024-2There is an essential difference between performances that create an experience of magic and those that feel like “a trick.” For nearly twenty years Lawrence Hass has been writing and teaching magicians about this difference to help them create better, more impactful magic. His new book on this subject, Inspirations: Performing Magic with Excellence, has been receiving extraordinary praise from master magicians, such as Lance Burton, Mac King, and Juan Tamariz.

In this lecture for magicians Larry will share several fundamental ideas for increasing the impact of your magic by performing and teaching a number of real-world routines from his professional repertoire—routines that typically astonish magicians as well! Among the topics to be covered are: audience involvement, deep method, improving conviction, opening the show, among others.

Dr. Hass will also be presenting a limited-enrolment workshop on Saturday, October 8 at 1:00 PM.

Three Deep Secrets for Making Better Shows

Lawrence Hass has been directing magic acts and performances for over seventeen years, first in the context of his college theater classes on magic and more recently as the Associate Dean of the McBride Magic & Mystery School. His teaching units at the School’s Master Classes frequently focus on insights and practices for creating stronger, more dynamic, more compelling magic shows.

In this workshop Larry will guide the participants through three subject areas that are frequently ignored in the literature and subculture of magic, but which are essential if our magic is to be strong and professional:

1) effective show construction,

2) character development, and

3) acting for magicians.

Larry will share some of his inspirational thinking in each of these topic areas, and will perform and explain some routines as illustrative examples. Each participant will conclude the workshop with concrete, practical information for further developing these skills and applying them to their next performances.